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Left-aligned image The Chinese Medicine Directory began in 2004 as a link directory. We tried to secure tens of thousands of links to Chinese alternative medicine concerns all over the world. Mostly we succeeded. However time passed on and maintaining these links became impossible for our small staff. So, we've changed our focus. Today we seek the latest information available we can find. We try to get the Chinese alternative medicine community involved in sharing more of what it knows and what it does with the general public. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the topic, we want the general public know there is a host of knowledge available to them. We do not provide any actual medical service or advice and always asks others to consult a physician when dealing with their health. What we do - do - is make known the myriads of practices and practitioners who specialize in these areas. We consult them. We ask them questions. We want the best possible data available so it can be shared with others. Our goal is to have new information weekly, which is quite ambitious. So check back frequently and see how we're doing. Of course if there is a subject you would like us to cover, send us an email and we'll consider it. If it bears fruit we'll let you know and publish it. We can't think of everything, so a little help from our readers is always welcome.

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